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Feeling grateful: Our Story.

So today of all days is the day I choose to tell this story. Today I am deeply grateful for science and genetic testing because without...

Newborn New World - Part II

“The pandemic just intensified it all. Simple things became more difficult, but some difficult things became more simple.

Newborn New World - Part I

The stories from "Newborn New World" will be released in three parts w/ links to everyone's individual stories at the very end. Pls share.

About me: My Photo Journey

I have had a long relationship with photography probably the longest relationship outside of knowing my parents and sibling.

Client Spotlight: Tiffany Russo

Tiff's the real deal: a native Angeleno who is the happiest at the beach, an LA based yoga instructor, and an advocate for real connection.

Blog: Behind The Lens: Blog2
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