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About me: My Photo Journey

Updated: May 26, 2020

I have had a long relationship with photography probably the longest relationship outside of knowing my parents and sibling. I grew up around cameras, film, and photo albums. My dad loved photography. He taught me how to look through the viewfinder and press the shutter. Everything was fair game. I just need to point my camera and shoot. And I loved it. I was enchanted by faces. I remember making images of only people. It was an extension of playtime for me. I talked, they talked, we sat and created. To this day, I hold space for people. I empower them to be who they are. My goal is to make them feel beautiful, shine bright, and tell their story. I see YOU!

In high school, I attended The School of The Art Institute on the weekends. I was awarded a scholarship to their High School Institute Photography Program. I learned framing and composition, how light and shadow plays a role in the story you tell, and how shapes make the composition interesting. I fell in love with the darkroom! I developed my own film and printed my own pictures. The start of a much deeper appreciation for the medium.

I earned a BA in Photography and an MA in Photographic Preservation and Collections Management. I taught photography to middle and high school kids as a form of Art Therapy. I loved learning and teaching. I still do. I am a seeker. I continuously seek community, growth, and connection which led me across the country to Los Angeles.

When I moved to LA, I got into fitness. My love of yoga led me to pursue a yoga teacher training. The teacher training awakened another creative part of me and out of it was born my portrait and fitness photography business.

. I photograph entrepreneurs mostly in the fitness/wellness industry. A few of my clients include: Tiffany Russo, Kasia Fraser Yoga, Sarah Ezrin, Andrea Marcum, Karly Treacy, Lauren Cornell, Travis Eliot, Lauren Eckstrom, Tara Lavery, and Child Pose LA among others.

My commercial clients included: lululemon, Teeki, Athleta, Spiritual Gangster, and Taylor Kenney Jewelry.   I have been published in VoyageLA, LA Yoga, Yoga Journal, Mantra - Yoga & Health Magazine and have been the photographer for the following books Close to Om, by Andrea Marcum and A Journey into Yin Yoga, by Travis Eliot.

Most recently, I was the stills photographer for Travis Eliot's Level Up 108 series and for Karly Treacy's new program -The KT Method.     Have questions? Interested in shooting with me?

Let's connect!

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