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Client Spotlight: Tiffany Russo

I met Tiffany Russo years ago through a mutual friend when she walked into lululemon in Santa Monica. I was relatively new to Los Angeles and meeting Tiffany is one of my most memorable moments.

Tiffany had been following me on Instagram and we had not met yet. We became friends instantly. She's the real deal: a native Angeleno who is the happiest at the beach, an LA based yoga instructor, and an advocate for real connection.

She studied Smart Flow Yoga under Annie Carpenter. Tiffany's teaching style is strong and mindful. You can find her at YogaWorks Santa Monica and The Southbay. She also teaches privates; message her for more info.

During class you can catch her cracking jokes and the best part is that she laughs at her own jokes. I love this! Who else does? Want to be friends?

In the meantime, catch her teaching yoga on Zoom: Mon-Fri 10a & Sat 8a PST.

Follow her on IG: @tiffrussoyoga

Follow me on IG: @penaphotography to see more shots of Tiffany and the rest of my portfolio.

P.S. Tiffany also models. Peep the shots we created for Taylor Kenney Jewelry. What an adventure Tiffany!

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